What is Democratic Socialism?

The answer is quite simple:

"Democratic Socialism" is the rebranding of an old and failed political, social and economic system — or ideology — of which has been repackaged and is being resold to the American people, and is heavily marketed towards millennials whose education consists of Marxist indoctrination for the purpose of ushering in full blown Socialism into the United States.

Or simply put: There is no difference between Democratic Socialism and Socialism.

Democratic Socialism: What it means to you.

Democratic Socialism, like plain old Socialism, is a political cult for ideologues who legitimately believe they're entitled to benefit from the fruits of your labor for what they perceive as the greater social good.

For Example: When a Democratic Socialist preaches about how healthcare should be a right (aka free) what they mean is: you should be obligated to pay for their healthcare because you're the one with the job. When a Democratic Socialist talks about how college should be free, or their student loans should be forgiven, what they're telling you is: you should be the one to pay for it because they can't afford it. In these very common examples, Democratic Socialism advocates the lack of personal responsibility by forcing you — the people who actually work — to be responsible to provide for somebody else's wants, needs, greeds or screw ups.

For all of the crying about fair share and income equality, Democratic Socialists want a more-than-equal share of the income that you — not they — worked for.

Here’s something that should put things into perspective for you:

When they — the socialist agency known as the IRS — keeps 100% of the money they’ve stolen from your paychecks, they call it fair share. Yet if you keep 100% of the income that you worked for, they will harass you, they will fine you, garnish your wages, take you to court, put you in jail, destroy your credit, confiscate your property, and proceed to call you the criminal. All because you want to keep 100% of the fruits of your labor.

This is what Socialism, and by extension Democratic Socialism, represents.

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For a nation to be coerced into accepting socialism, it needs to be sold to the people, and right now Socialism's premier salesman is named Bernie Sanders.

To get people interested in socialism he has to appeal to people’s greed by promising to give them free stuff in exchange for their support and their votes. Free in the socialist context means that the working class individual ends up being the one who pays for what’s supposed to be free, and in all likelihood, won’t even get to enjoy the benefits of. Sociailsts will argue that "free stuff" actually means "allocating tax revenue in a way that actually helps the populace" as posted by the Millennials for Bernie Sanders Facebook page, yet they neglect to mention that the aforementioned "tax revenue" is actually money stolen from your income to provide the "free stuff."

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The reason why socialism has failed in the past — every single time — is that socialism eventually runs out of other people's money. Your money! Unfortunately, millennials who support Bernie Sanders, most of whom have grown up under Marxist indoctrination in school and in college, have no idea what socialism really is. To them, it's a fancy new buzzword which literally translates into: Free Stuff.

However, Democratic Socialism goes beyond just the theft of your property, it also exists to rob you of your basic liberties and is used as a tool for social conditioning.

Under socialism, free speech is often suppressed through what is known as Political Correctness. Every true socialist/communist nation has used political correctness — or in Socialist Nazi Germany, Social Correctness — to condition citizens to speak, think and act within Acceptable Social Standards. If you deviate from this social standard, you may be imprisoned, and in some cases, even killed for your dissenting views.

Today in the United States, Political Correctness is already damaging the freedom of speech. In Obama's America for example, you're quickly called a bigot for your pro-American views — that is correct, you are a bigot for being pro-American, in America. You are labeled a racist if you speak out against Radical Islam, Illegals and even Obama. Your reputation will be tarnished, and you may even lose your job just for exercising your right to free speech and speaking out against leftwing radicalism. And thanks to Democratic Socialism, being a proud American is now akin to being a Proud Fascist.

George Carlin attacks Leftwing Political Correctness.

No one has the right to not be offended, and they also don't have the right to silence you because of it. Democratic Socialism allows other people to silence you.

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For Democratic Socialism to thrive in America, it must turn Americans into globalist zombies, and it does so by squeezing out every drop of American Culture out of society, which is why Democratic Socialists are indoctrinating children at an early age in school, and young adults in college. Bernie Sanders' dream of a United Socialist States of America means that America, and all of its successes and prosperity, also must also cease to exist. Supporting socialism in any way does in fact equate to supporting the destruction of the most powerful and successful nation the world has ever seen; success which has literally translated into the unique circumstances of you being here today.

Democratic Socialists are inherently greedy people, and they’re willing to destroy the United States of America just to get their "free stuff." You can stop this by voting against Bernie Sanders; because a vote against Bernie Sanders is also a vote against Socialism. America has already suffered under one activist president, Obama, and the last thing this nation needs is to double-down on more of the same radicalism that has divided Americans.

Whether or not you want to believe this, the fact is: America is in a Cold Civil War, and it's because of the emergence of Democratic Socialism that the United States is now the Divided States of America. Which is preciely what Democratic Socialists want.

One day our children will inherent this nation. Do you want them to have an American Dream to look forward to? Or do you want them to live in Venezuela 2.0?

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Now that you know the truth on Democratic Socialism, the question to ask now is: Why is Democratic Socialism so popular then? Keep reading to learn more.

How "Democratic" Changes Everything!

Democratic Socialism is in no way any different than regular Socialism. The reason why you’re hearing more about Democratic Socialism in the news and from social media is because the ironically self-titled (and self-entitled) “Progressives” have been using it as a marketing term to sell socialism to the American people.

The very nature of Progressivism is to intentionally misguide people through language for a political and social agenda. Take for example one of their talking points: Climate Change.

It used to be called Global Warming (and before that, Global Cooling), but when science and technology has proven that the Earth did not infact warm in the manner claimed by government funded science-activists, they changed Global Warming to Climate Change and tried to repackage and resell Global Warming under the new product name. Yet it’s already a proven fact that the climate always changes (see: "weather"), so once again science-activists and their government sugar-daddies are looking for another way to resell Global Warming. And as ridiculous as it sounds, they’re now looking at calling it Climate Disruption as a way to convince people that global warming is what’s causing the global cooling.

The point is: Socialists believe that by changing the name of Socialism, they change the meaning of Socialism with the intent on misleading the American people. The irony of this fact is: Progressives call themselves Progressives because their original title of Socialists has had a negative connotation to it for decades, and with good reason: Socialism creates poverty, it creates divisiveness, and as proven throughout history, it creates death.

So in yet another attempt to sell the American people more Snake Oil, "Democratic Socialism" was born.

♦ ♦ ♦

Going by Democratic Socialist logic, simply prefixing Democratic to anything bad automagically absolves it of all negativity thus making it acceptable. So, let's all be Democratic Socialists for a very brief moment for this very special Democratic Experiment.
"Democratic Murder"
In the age of "inequality," Democratic Murder allows you to kill someone for having what you don't have: More Stuff. Thanks to Democratic Socialism, you too can have the instant gratification of success by Democratically Murdering someone and taking it from them.

"I will not stand by and do nothing as Democratic Murderers are treated like criminals by the police!" — Comrade Sanders.
"Democratic Rape"
Bernard goes home and masturbates to his typical fantasy: "A woman on her knees. A woman tied up. A woman abused." Thanks to Bernie Sanders’ Democratic Socialist Policies, Bernard can rest easy tonight knowing that raping this woman, even in his fantasies, is done Democratically.

"There is something fundamentally wrong in this nation when 100% of all the women control 99% of all the vaginas!" — Comrade Sanders.
"Democratic Holocaust"
Between 1933 — 1945, over six millions Jewish people were Democratically Murdered by Adolf Hitler and his merry band of Socialist Nazis. Under Bernie Sanders’ Democratic Socialist Policies, the Nazis can now justify the genocide of millions of Jewish people by simply calling it the Democratic Holocaust.

“My father was killed in the Democratic Holocaust, and I will honor his memory by transforming America in the same way The National Democratic Socialist German Workers' Party transformed Germany!” — Herr Sanders, Anführer des Sozialismus.
"Democratic Red Terror"
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Russia) Democratically Slaughtered what is believed to be tens of millions of its own people to become the wonderful Democratic Socialist Utopia it is today.

"In my time, the Soviets led the world in equality when they Democratically Murdered millions upon millions of innocent people. Equally!" — Comrade Sanders.
"Democratic People's Republic of (North) Korea"

"Enough said." — GoHomeBernie.com
As you can see by our Democratic Socialist logic examples, simply applying "Democratic" to murder and rape now makes them socially acceptable. So the next time you kill someone, be sure to do it Democratically so it's not really considered murder. Just like adding Democratic to Socialism doesn't make Socialism... Socialism.

But what about the Scandanavian Countries? Socialism over there works!

The single most over utilized, and always expected, counter-argument from socialists is to say: Socialism works, just look at Scandinavia! As usual, they’re wrong. But I'll allow Stefan Molyneux to explain that to you in detail since there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

However, I will add that there are some very simple counter-points to the Scandinavian Socialism Myth:
  • The Scandinavian Countries are Capitalist nations with broad social programs. Like all societies where there is wealth: Socialism acts as the leech to the Capitalist host.
  • These countries have gained wealth before Socialism started to leech from it, and are now suffering because of it.
  • If these countries were States in the United States, they’d be among the poorest States because of socialism.
  • On the myth that the people living in these "socialist countries" are some of the happiest in the world, they just so happen to have very high suicide rates — for being the happiest people in the world.
  • Sweden has been moving away from Socialism.
  • "Denmark Tells Bernie Sanders It’s Had Enough Of His ‘Socialist’ Slurs."
Democratic Socialism: The Final Word.

Bernie's Democratic Socialism is not a new concept. It's the same old pesky Socialism which has consumed the wealth and intelligence of every society it has infected. And chances are, you know somebody who is currently Feeling the Bern of this infection.

Let me leave you with this:

If someone took a shit in your living room, and justifies it by calling it a Democratic Shit, it doesn't change the fact that it's still shit. It looks like shit. It smells like shit. And having to be the one to clean it up is shitty.

In the end, no matter what spin they try to put on it, Democratic Socialism is irrefutably: Shit.

The Grimm Bastard.

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